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Please pay attention to the following links. Audition sign-ups are by instrument.

Violin Auditions

Viola Auditions

Cello Auditions

Bass Auditions

Also, for anyone interested, MYSO is a fabulous youth orchestra opportunity. Here is the link if you are interested in auditioning for MYSO

Chamber Orchestra audition excerpts are posted below. PLEASE, make note of the following very important information:

Chamber orchestra is comprised of approximately 35 students out of 500 students in the Dickerson Orchestra program. Ensemble members are expected to be enrolled in Dickerson orchestra, study privately, and attend all rehearsals and performance obligations. As a member of the Chamber Orchestra, you are the elite of our program, role models that other students look up to and other schools admire. Your performance level, attendance, and behavior is held to the highest of standards. Rehearsals are before school on Mondays and Fridays, with extra rehearsals as needed. We do have occasional weekend obligations, students are given dates as far in advance as possible in order to plan.

Live auditions will be held before school the first or second week of school. A sign-up genius link will be posted for students to sign up for an audition time. Auditions include the two excerpts below and sight reading, NO SCALES.

Excerpt 1: “Molly on the Shore” by Percy Aldridge Grainger, arranged by Sandra Dackow. Presto tempo, quarter note=130. All fingerings and bowings are accurate and to be followed.

Excerpt 2: “Fugue in G Minor, The Little” by J. S. Bach, arr. Gerald Doan. Moderato tempo, quarter note=60.

All fingerings and bowings are accurate and to be followed.

Please email Ms. Laux if you have any questions or concerns regarding excerpts or auditions. Remember, the expectation is for chamber students to prepare the music outside of rehearsal so we can make music in rehearsal. Violin Excerpts Viola Excerpts Cello Excerpts Bass Excerpts

Thank you so much for a fantastic week of amazing performances from all grade levels. We are so pleased with the hard work and dedication all student put forth these last few weeks. We are working on updating our YouTube channel over the next week. The 8th grade farewell video is now published!

All classes will be playing through Wednesday next week. We will have locker cleanup and ALL INSTRUMENTS GO HOME! You leave it over the summer, it is your responsibility to retrieve it from the front office lost and found. Perhaps this will be the year where not a single instrument will be left!