Donations/Fundraiser and Hurricane Days

I hope everyone is safely enjoying their hurricane days from school. My parents residing near Naples, FL, made it through but are without cell service, power, and hot water. Be thankful!

Donations/Fundraiser: Will now be due this Wednesday and Thursday. PLEASE be sure all fundraising is including in ONE check only. We really cannot accept multiple checks. If you have a donation in addition to or instead of, you made include this in the same payment envelope. We are checking all school envelopes and will give you a label. All checks should be made to DMS or Dickerson Middle School. Remember, we do accept donations throughout the school year as well. Thank you so very much for your support. We could not have the stellar program we have without you!! Your contribution helps support our HUGE orchestra program of 526 students! Update!! We need parent assistance in collecting fundraiser turn-in. SIGN UP HERE

All-State Orchestra: Registration has been postponed to next week. Please confirm with Laux that you are committing to auditioning and receive your payment label once you have brought in your $25 audition fee (checks again to DMS).

Chamber: Practice, practice, practice. We have three rehearsals before fall break. Rehearsals have been a bit bumpy, we will hit our stride but not without some outside work on your part. You need to learn your parts at home. See you Friday morning!

Listening: 7th/8th grade recordings are up! Please log into our listening section and practice along with or at the very least, listen to your tunes. It helps! If you don't know the password, email me or text a friend. Our concert is just about a month away.