Don't forget your instruments!

We hope everyone had a restful break and enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. Three and a half weeks until the next break! PLEASE put your violin or viola next to your backpack NOW!!

Chamber: Tree lighting at Wellstar East Cobb THIS TUESDAY! PLEASE pack your uniform and bring it to school tomorrow so you don't forget anything on Tuesday. You are expected to remain afterschool, have pizza (our treat), we will bus you to Wellstar. Everyone needs to be picked up from Wellstar at the end of the evening. See you at our final rehearsal tomorrow morning. Bring that festive spirit! Bring your family and cameras :)

7th and 8th grade: We are busy with new music for our LGPE performances in February. We need to be polished and ready to bring our best. Exact dates and times still to be determined. 8th grade will be at Lassiter sometime on February 12-14th and 7th grade will be around February 5-8 at Dickerson. Stay tuned for final details.