8th Grade and Chamber trips

8th Grade Trip Attendees: Rooms will be finalized this week as we are in the "no refund zone" of trip planning. If you are attending the Universal trip, you should have $275 or more turned in at this point. The next payments scheduled are as follows: $200 on February 9th and $200 on March 9th.

**Trip Meeting: Please add March 15th to your calendar. We will have a trip meeting in the theatre to cover everything, answer questions, and have a notary public available to take care of signing trip forms. You will need your up to date medical insurance information as well. If you are not able to attend, forms will be available and the presentation will be on the website. All chaperones are HIGHLY encouraged to attend. Chaperone groups and bus assignments will be distributed as well. A parent is encouraged to attend, students in attendance are a bonus but not required.

Chamber orchestra: PLEASE turn in your trip payments! The total cost is $475, you should have $375 turned in at this point. See Ms. Laux if you need an update of what you've paid.