Snow Week

Well this week sure has been interesting! I hope lot of instruments made it home and are being practiced with all of this extra time (cringe to the poor instruments left at school...).

Cobb Honor's Auditions: Due to school being cancelled Friday, we are working on reschedling Cobb Honor's auditions. As soon as we know when and where, we will let you know. Many kids don't have instruments at home and couldn't make it to auditions regardless of the weather right now. Stay tuned!

Chamber: Rehearsal Monday and Friday next week. We may need to look into another weekday rehearsal but we can talk about it in class.

7th Graders: LGPE is two weeks away. This means we need to really focus and buckle down in class. Please bring your A-game over the next couple of weeks. We can relax a bit after January 31st!

7th to ASO: We need parents! We had a great number of parents sign up to chaperone our ASO trip on February 2nd, but few have paid the $15. Please join us! We have approximately 25 chaperone tickets left so check your calendars and send in ticket money if interested. It's a great day of music and The Varsity!