Cobb Honor's, 8th LGPE

Cobb Honor's: Please remember auditions are at Dodgen Middle tomorrow. From Ms. Culley: Everyone must use the BUS LANE ENTRANCE to the school. DO NOT TURN IN AT THE MAIN DODGEN SIGN. USE THE BUS ENTRANCE WHICH IS THE 2ND ENTRANCE TO THE SCHOOL, JUST PAST THE DODGEN POND. One you have turned into the BUS LANES, stay to the left to drive around to the back of the school. We will have signs on the correct doors.

8th Grade and Chamber LGPE: Please be sure you have turned in your LGPE permission forms. I still have a handful of 8-1 forms missing, these are needed in order to attend. Be sure your uniform is labeled and ready to go. In addition, if you are using a home cello or bass, make sure everything is labeled as well (and don't forget your instrument).

Chamber/8-2: Remember to hang your uniform after Tuesday's performance, bring it back to school for Wednesday. 7th and 6th grade chamber members: we need to make sure you have lunch at 12pm in order to be in the orchestra room at 12:30pm.