LGPE Info: 8th Grade and Chamber

8-1: Please remember your complete uniform for tomorrow! A handful of you have not turned in the field trip form. I must have this in order for you to attend LGPE, as I've reminded you the last few weeks. You will report as usual at 12:30pm to change and load instruments. Remember, you MUST be picked up by 5pm if you are not riding the bus back. We cannot leave you unsupervised at Lassiter if your parent is not there and the bus back to Dickerson arrives.

Chamber: You may bring in your uniform tomorrow, be sure it's labeled. There are almost 100 uniforms for 8-1, so if you can wait until Tuesday, it would be best.

Parent Help: Thank you so much for all parents offering to drive instruments, supervise, ride buses. If you are assisting over the next three days, we would like parents to be at school between 12-12:15pm. Students will be down at 12:30pm to load instruments. Each day will be completed before 5pm. If you are riding the bus back on Monday or Wednesday, we are hoping to be back to school by 5:30-5:45pm. We could not do this without you! *If at all possible, please bring large umbrellas. We will be walking with instruments between buildings that do not have a covering. The rain is supposed to continue over the next few days. Rain+string instruments=bad news. Thank you!