Concert and Universal Updates

All students: No instruments this Thursday or Friday. You will have an alternate music assignment as Mr. Bitinas and I will be on the trip with 8th grade orchestra.

Upcoming performances:

6-1: May 3rd, report between 6-6:15pm, start time is 6:30pm

6-2: May 3rd, report between 7-7:15pm, start time is 7:30pm

7th Grade: May 15th, report between 6-6:15pm, start time is 6:30pm

8th Grade: May 15th, report between 7:15-7:30pm, start time is 7:45pm

Universal Update: PLEASE, please, please be sure you have subscribed to the Remind as this will be the number one form of communication for students and chaperones. Parents can also subscribe, but disclaimer: there will be some late night and early morning messages sent. See here

Luggage drop: MANDATORY! This Wednesday between 4:30-6:30pm in covered play area (use bus/back entrance. No exceptions! Students do not have to be present, anyone can drop luggage but be aware we will be checking entire concert uniform and two trip shirts so have those packed on top. Also, all prescription medications need to be turned in with the medical form (found under events/forms tab) in a ziplock bag. Don't forget your case of water to donate!

All trip parents and students: Our goal for the trip is a safe, enjoyable experience for all involved. This trip can be a truly wonderful time, in fact, the majority of our kids at Walton still talk about how much fun they had on the 8th grade orchestra trip. This trip is NOT required whatsoever. Mr. B and I take time away from our families to commit to your child having a lovely experience, without any compensation. Trips of this magnitude take countless hours and energy to plan and execute. We really look forward to this every year. We have 154 people, three full charter buses traveling for four days, overnight, out of state. Please allow us to do our job and appreciate the love and dedication we have for your children. Some of the communication we have received from families has made us reassess the necessity and likelihood of having a trip in the future. We want nothing but the best for your child, please understand this. We are very much looking forward to an awesome time this weekend.