Welcome Back!!

We were thrilled to see many returning students and welcome new ones today at Meet and Greet! Mr. B and I are super excited about the year ahead. Here are some updates:

1. Chamber Auditions: YES, all returning members must audition as well. Look under Events/Forms tab for TWO information pages, the contract is turned in at your audition. PLEASE look at, listen to, attempt the excerpts that are posted. You will be required to play this excerpt along with sight reading for your audition. Please be realistic, we pay judges to judge you. Do not waste their time! That being said, there are students we know could do well in chamber and haven't signed up to audition yet.

2. Instruments Friday! First two days of connections will be locker assigning, handbook review, signing up for Remind, and instrument assignments. Team talks will occur Thursday for 7th/8th grade.

3. 8th graders: PLEASE try on your uniforms!!! We do not have uniform fittings for you unless needed. Every year a handful of students don't check until concert week. We cannot help you at that time!!! This is your first homework assignment. Try it on before Monday so you know whether or not you need a different uniform.

4. Calendar dates are up! Stay up to date, get dates on your family calendar now.

5. See everyone tomorrow!!! Welcome back to school!