8th Grade Trip, Parent Assistance, Concerts

Fundraiser Delivery Day: Wednesday, October 24th. Every item needs to go this day! Pickup will be 12 noon (estimating arrival and unloading of truck) through 6:30pm. Items are frozen and we have no where to store them if they are not picked up. Parents, older siblings, anyone connected to the student may come get the order.

We need help! Helpers needed to unload the truck and assist in distributing fundraising items. Please consider giving back some time to our program. High school helpers too! Sign up here. Thank you!

Concerts Next week: A handout was given to each class. Many students chose to leave it on the floor...we can only do so much. See info below.

October 23rd: 7-1/8-1

-Report to DMS between 6-6:15pm, 6:30pm concert start time.

-Full concert attire

-Chamber, 7th, 8th

7-2, 8-2- Report to DMS between 7:15-7:30pm, 7:45pm start time.

-Full concert attire

-Chamber, 7th, 8th

October 25th: 6-1

-Report to DMS between 6-6:15pm

-6:30pm start time


-Report to DMS between 7:00-7:15pm

-7:30pm start time