Shoulder Rests: Violins/Violas

Our 15 orchestra shoulder rests have disappeared!! ALL violin and viola in all grades will have a shoulder rest check on Tuesday, April 9th. This allows you time to obtain a quality shoulder rest. I have heard many excuses of broken rests, etc. PLEASE invest a few dollars into a decent should rest (we're talking under $20). Also, many issues arise when students don't have a pouch to attach to the case. Find a pencil pouch or shoulder rest bag to clip onto the case. Another solution is to have two shoulder rests, one at home and one at school. Every student must have a rest with their name on it in marker.


Shoulder Rest Bag

Shar Music Shoulder Rests

Approved brands: Everest, MUCO, KUN, Bonmusica.

DISCOURAGED: Artino, Empire, sponges (easily fall apart, pieces break off).

Local String shops to visit for a selection of rests: Atlanta Violins, Rons Sachs Violins, Manadarin Strings. Music and Arts may have some, but they are a band speciality shop.