Welcome Back!

We are so excited for the upcoming school year! We very much look forward to seeing many of you at Meet and Greet on July 30th.

Reminders: All students need an orchestra notebook/binder in which to keep daily notes, etc. that will remain in the orchestra room. In addition, practice folders will be distributed as needed with practice copies of music to take home. PLEASE label everything. We have the highest amount of students come through any classroom in the entire building, items are collected and stored in our classroom lost and found. If your name is on it, we do our best to return it to you.

Instrument Needs: NOW is the time to get all instrument-related items before the back-to-school rush. If you are looking to upgrade your instrument size or need accessories, please take care of this prior to the start of school. The website we use for specialized string items: www.sharmusic.com

As always, please feel free to contact a director with any questions or concerns. Enjoy your last couple of weeks of summer!