Instruments this Friday!

It was awesome seeing so many students at Meet and Greet! General information:

1. Instruments THIS Friday! Yes, Violins/Violas you need to bring in your instruments. We will assign lockers day 1 in orchestra for storage. All classes will also need an orchestra notebook/writing utensil.

2. 8th graders: Please try on your concert uniforms and determine whether or not they will last through May...we will soon have a request list for those needing uniform swaps.

3. If you have any instrument needs (larger sizes, repairs, etc) PLEASE address them in the next week. The stores will be slammed with new rental families. Get in there before the rush.

4. Calendar/Handbook: All information discussed in class is on our website. PLEASE get all calendar dates into your family calendar asap. The trip dates are tentative and some other dates may be added as well.

5. Interested in auditioning for All-State orchestra? First Round audition info is now available.

6. Chamber audition information: Will be posted by Monday.