Welcome 6th Grade! Chamber Auditions

Welcome to the newest orchestra members! The 6th grade orchestras are off to a fantastic start. Thank you parents for obtaining instruments and shoulder rests. Hopefully, your budding musician is beginning to demonstrate what they are learning each day. Please encourage them and ask them to play for you! The first year is the most amazing progress they will make. If you haven't yet completed the 6th grade enrollment form, please do so on the main homepage. Coming soon: orchestra t-shirt information.

7/8: Uniforms will be addressed soon. 8th grade: be sure to know whether or not you need a different size NOW. We cannot assist you as easily once fittings are completed this fall.

Chamber: Please plan on arriving with enough time for you to warm-up prior to your audition. We are on a very tight schedule and need everyone ready to go at their assigned time. You will need to use your own copy of music. Part one of the audition is prepared except, the second portion includes sight-reading. You will have approximately 30 seconds to look over excerpt without making any sounds. You will be given the tempo and have one chance to perform your best. Good luck!