Instrument Quality

Parents: We cannot thank you enough for your support and encouraging your child to learn through orchestra. However, we have seen a large number of "internet Violin-Shaped-Objects" recently coming through. Purchasing a low-quality instrument is doing your child a huge disservice. As your child learns and attempts to tune this object, they will have greater challenges than simply learning a new instrument. The tone quality and sound production is not acceptable and the instruments often don't stay in tune. These are all crucial factors as your child develops as a musician.

Please take our advice as trained experts and do what is best for your child. Your child is a member of one of the largest, top performing programs in the state of Georgia. There is an expectation level for all students to have not necessarily "the best" instrument on which to learn, but at the minimum, a decent quality.

We would be more than happy to assist you if you have questions or need further resources than internet purchasing sites. Please do not hesitate to reach out! We care deeply about your child and their musical education, another reason Cobb County Schools consistency ranks as one of the top Music Education Communities in the nation.