Parent Help, Assessments, Uniforms

We are off to a fantastic start in orchestra this year!! Thank you for supporting your student. Here is the breakdown of our weekly curriculum:

Monday: Vocabulary Monday-students learn new and review previous music vocabulary terms and symbols as related to music they are learning. These are posted to the "Members-Learning" section on the website.

Tuesday: YouTubesday-Students open class by observing an orchestra performance, discussing the style, instrumentation, technique, etc of the performance by applying the ever-developing musical knowledge.

Wednesday: "Workbook Wednesday"-Skill review and new material presented as related to current musical selections

Thursday: Theory Thursday-Students develop ear training, learn about the nuts and bolts of music.

Friday: Playing check day-students perform alone or in a small group for a weekly assessment

We need your help! Please check this link for some much needed assistance. Thank you!!!

Fundraiser Kickoff: Starts Friday, August 23rd. We are once again selling cheesecake and cookie dough. As always, we graciously appreciate open donations as well at any point in the year (fully tax-deductible). Our order turn-in dates for orchestra are: September 16-17. Delivery dates to be determined.

Uniforms: 6th grade t-shirt order information will be sent home the week of August 26th. **All 6th graders MUST order a t-shirt, hoodies are optional (not permitted on stage).

7th: All 7th graders will wear concert uniforms. Information will be sent home the week of August 26th.

**All t-shirt/hoodie and concert uniform payments will be strictly online this year.