8th Grade Families: Please Read!

8th Grade Concert:

Tuesday, October 15th at Dickerson.

8-1: Report 6-6:15pm, start time is 6:30pm

8-2: Report 7-7:15pm, start time is 7:30pm

*Newly added: Trip meeting at 7pm! Those families interested in learning about the upcoming orchestra trip (March 26-29), please be in the theatre at 7pm. This means 8-1 families stay following the concert, 8-2 families arrive a few minutes early.

Yes, 8th grade orchestra students should be in the audience for this. Trip presentation will provide details of trip and we will answer as many questions as time allows. If you cannot make this meeting, the presentation will be posted on the orchestra website. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity of having an 8th grade only concert. Thank you for being flexible!