Fundraiser Pickup: October 29th

Fundraiser Delivery date is Tuesday, October 29th. If you sold one item or 121 items, you MUST have someone pick these items up that day. Items are frozen and we have nowhere to store them. PLEASE make arrangements now for this.

Pickup location: E-wing doors (by music area in front of school)

Times: 12 noon-6:30pm (NOT any later)

If you are not at Dickerson by 6:15pm, we will start calling you to have you come get your items. Thank you for making a plan now for pickup. All items are bagged/grouped by student. Enter orchestra room, locate your child's last name, check order against delivery sheet, sign off. Make sure you have room in your vehicle/freezer if you have large orders. We highly recommend delivering these as soon as possible, they must remain frozen.

We need your help! Please consider assisting that day for a few hours. Remember, this is our one and only fundraiser each year, we don't ask for much. We greatly appreciate your assistance. High schoolers are also encouraged to assist/sign up to help too (hello, service hours!). Help the Orchestra Here