December Happenings

Updates for each grade level as we wrap up semester one:

ALL CLASSES: Final grades of the semester will include a playing check on 12/13 and written comprehensive exam, and a notebook check. If you are missing any assignments, please turn in or see a director to make it up. Fundraiser Reward Day is December 19th.

6th Grade: All students have two pieces they should be working on at home: La Petite Danseuse and Cinnamon. We are hoping to get one more piece out before the December break. Next concert is March 3rd.

Playing check this Friday: EE Book 1: Page 23, #86-Ode to Joy with bow

7th Grade: All students have three selections they should be perfecting in preparation for LGPE on January 28th at Dickerson. Atlanta Symphony info here -Atlanta Symphony Orchestra field trip is January 17th. Don't forget to bring lunch money for The Varsity and to dress nicely for the concert. Parent chaperone info coming soon (if you signed up to go, please plan on it).

Playing check this Friday: Blue Ridge Run: M.63-End

8th Grade: $300 should be turned in for the Universal trip at this point. The next payment of $200 on January 6th is non-refundable. Please be sure your grades are at least an 80% in orchestra each quarter and your agenda marks are not going to strike you off the trip.

LGPE: Both 8th grade orchestras will perform during the day on Wednesday, February 12th. More info coming soon.

Playing Check This Friday: 8-1: Simple Gifts M. 47-End. 8-2: Momentum: M.69-76


TRES Holiday Performance on 12/18 (chamber t-shirt, jeans, festive holiday hat optional)

-8th grade performs for special education class on 12/17 at 12:45pm (excused from connections)

-8th grade performs in Atrium before school on 12/17 and 12/20

February 10th: LGPE at Walton HS

Nashville trip info coming soon!