7th at Atlanta Symphony Reminders

We are so excited for our day with the 7th grade at the Atlanta Symphony tomorrow. Here are some reminders:

1. Dress nicely-no holes in jeans, no shorts, please try to avoid sneakers if possible. Nice jeans and a top, ladies can wear leggings and a nice top, cute dresses, etc. It will be chilly so plan ahead!

2. Lunch or lunch money! Please do not forget to bring lunch money if you are eating at The Varsity or pack a lunch. Packed lunches do not have to be disposable, we are on the same buses all day.

3. What to take: small purses for ladies are fine. Please avoid large bags or backpacks (leave in locker before homeroom). Cell phones are okay, just turned off during the performance. Please be smart about cell phone use.

4. Report to theatre after announcements, find assigned bus color. Be sure you have used the restroom prior to bus. No one gets up during the performance. Take attendance in theatre, load bus for Woodruff Arts.

5. Be sure to use outstanding manners when encountering anyone: ushers at the ASO, workers at The Varsity: We want compliments, not complaints! Remember we are not the only ones attending the concert or eating lunch, be respectful of others. Clean up after yourself at The Varsity.

6. Parent chaperones: Please sign in and meet in theater at 9am. Students will be down around 9:20am.

Any last minute questions or concerns can be emailed to Ms. Hardy. Looking forward to a great experience!