All Classes Important Info

All violins/violas: Shoulder rest quest is on. Please be sure you have your OWN shoulder rest, not a DMS one. We have lost hundreds of dollars of shoulder rests due to students "borrowing" them. Each violin and viola player will have to show their personal rest on Monday, February 3rd. Please obtain one asap and return one if you a DMS one. Thanks!

7th at the ASO: We had a fantastic time! Thanks to the fabulous parents who chaperoned our trip. Everyone had a great day and enjoyed the experiences at the ASO and The Varsity. So proud of our well-behaved students. We could not have bene more pleased!!

7th Grade LGPE: At Dickerson on January 28th. Yes, we want parents there! It's a concert performance with judges. All students must be in full concert attire:

7-1: Report 6-6:15pm, starts at 6:30pm

7-2: Report 7-7:15pm, starts at 7:30pm

February 4th: Chamber performs for Rising 6th grade night. Chamber t-shirts and jeans. We will perform on piece for the parents attending the meeting. This is a big event, packed theatre. We need as many of you there as possible please. Performance time is around 6:40pm, report by 6:20pm.

8th and Chamber LGPE: Field trip forms were sent home, will be uploaded to site soon. Please get these completed and returned as soon as possible. We need chaperones!! If you are available, please join us.

This is busy season! Please be sure you have subscribed to email updates and any Remind suggestions (8-2, Universal trip, and chamber so far). A lot of events equals a lot of information. We appreciate you staying on top of things.