8th Grade LGPE: Wednesday 2/12

8-1: Report to Dickerson at 8am in FULL CONCERT ATTIRE. Please remember to bring a change of clothes (and shoes) for your afternoon classes. Backpacks should be placed in a theatre seat, taking only instruments to Walton with you.

Stage Performance Time: 10am. Parents who want to watch, please park in the far front lot of Walton, the entrance closest to the baseball fields and enter the THEATRE entrance, NOT the main entrance of the building.


8-2: Students must bring in uniforms preferably Tuesday, in a labeled bag (garment bag, dry cleaning bag, or garbage bag). PLEASE be sure your name is on it. Don't forget concert shoes and dress socks (boys). Students will report to connections, change into concert attire, load buses at 1:15pm. Stage performance time: 3pm.

If you have offered to assist in transporting instruments or chaperoning, please be at Dickerson at the times/locations below:

8-1: 8am to orchestra room. It you are driving, we only need transport of instruments on return trip from Walton. We have charter buses there. Please see above parking map so you know where to park. You may meet us at Walton if you so choose as well. We won't arrive until 9am.

8-2: Please meet in the back of the school if helping with instrument transport. If riding a bus, park out front and sign in office, come to orchestra room by 1pm. Those driving, please see above Walton parking map.