Digital Learning Week 2 Wrap-up

You've done a great job this week folks! We are proud of your dedication to keeping up your craft. Thank you for your patience as we are navigating new musical experiences. A few tips going forward: Smart Music is for people who have instruments, instead of or in addition to the alternate assignments. If you cannot get Smart Music to work properly, stick to the alternate assignments.

Smart Music Tips: Be sure you are not attempting to use it on a phone, doesn't work so well. Also, use Chrome as your browser if possible.

Going Forward: We are going to offer a few selections for each level/instrument, without smart music. Assessments will potentially be sent via a google form and eventually, a flip grid. Those without instruments can stick to the alternate assignments.

Hang in there! Stay happy and healthy. Get outside! We have been so fortunate to have wonderful weather. My next door neighbor plays viola in 6th grade at another middle school. He missed his concert this past week so we had a jam session, socially distanced of course, and played through his music outside. The neighbors especially loved Dragonhunter. Get creative, have fun, stay healthy.