Looking Ahead and Trip Refund Timeline

Hey Kiddos! I am going to open an optional Zoom if you need anything or have any questions. I helped one of our 6th graders tune her violin today (she did awesome!). The invite is below, pop in sometime during the half hour if you need help tuning. It's super helpful to download the tuning app: PanoTuner or something similar and have it nearby. Happy to walk you through it and help adjust the best I can.

If you can't make it or want to request help before then, shoot me an email and we can set something up.

Topic: Tuning needs

Time: Monday, March 30, 2020 10:00 AM

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Meeting ID: 797 470 8357

8th Grade Trip Refund Update: A few parents have emailed regarding trip refunds. It has honestly consumed my past work week (along with keeping my two elementary kiddos on task). We are doing our best to do what we can at the moment. To put it in perspective: Universal Studios alone has informed us it will be 6-8 weeks before they can issue us refunds, on top of timelines from other vendors, then processing through the district. I am working hard to do what I can as quickly as I can, it's just the nature of what is happening right now. We greatly appreciate your patience! Chamber Nashville is in a similar boat, a waiting game.