Grading Quarter Four: Unless otherwise instructed by the district, here is how grading will stand for orchestra this final quarter:

1. Students will not receive a lower grade than what they had at the end of quarter 3 (March 13). This currently shows in grade book.

2. Students are highly encouraged to continue with orchestra activities. These grades will be entered, but will only count if higher than your quarter 3 grade. Please do not freak out if you didn't do as well as you'd like on assignments this quarter. We simply want you to continue learning in some format for orchestra. There are students who still have done absolutely nothing for us this quarter, and that's okay. However, there are students that are continuing their musical instruction now will be more prepared when we return to school next year. If you have the ability, please strongly consider accessing the digital learning tab on the website and continuing your musical instruction.

3. If your quarter four grade ends up being lower than your quarter three grade, it will be adjusted to your quarter three grade (in addition, no one will receive below a 70). However, if your quarter four grade is higher than your quarter three grade, it will also reflect in your grade for quarter four, so keep up the great focus!

4. If you have a blank (no grade entered) for an assignment, we did not receive a submission from you on a form for the week (if you think we missed it, email Ms. Hardy as we have hundreds of grades submitted each week). We are adding in/bumping grades for those also submitting ToneSavvy assignments. Remember, these are activities and assignments to keep you going, the grades are only going to count if they are higher than your final quarter 3 grade. So, go get 'em musicians!