Trip Refund Updates/School Access

Refund Update: A handful of you have emailed regarding refunds for the Universal trip. I moved as quickly as I could on my end weeks ago. We are awaiting the refund check from Universal, which informed us could be 6-8 weeks (this was about 4 weeks ago). Our bookkeeper is doing what she can to stay on top of the mail collection from the post office and processing any refund checks that come in. As soon as I have information on when your checks are processed, I will let you know.

Nashville Refunds (Chamber): Are currently being processed. These were easier because we hadn't yet paid for the majority of trip expenses since it was much further out than the Universal trip.

When can I get my instrument from school? Trust me, I would have loved for instruments to be in hands the first week we were out. However, this is a district decision. I have zero control over this decision. Our admin team will let us know of the soonest days and times when possible. It is frustrating for sure, especially coming up with different lessons for students with/without instruments right now.

Wishing you the best right now. Please appreciate the down time in your schedules, not having to run children to endless afterschool activities and obligations. I know for my family, this has been a very welcome "reset." Lacrosse is no longer the focus of our afterschool world. We have been outside more than inside: riding bikes, scooters, skateboards, running, building forts, and enjoying our time together. Please take care of yourself and feel free to reach out if you need anything.