Rising 8th Opportunities

Attention Rising 8th graders,

If you are interested in applying for Yearbook or VA Comp (high school level art), please acknowledge the deadlines below. Be aware, either of these classes will take one connection spot, with orchestra as your other connection. There is no flexibility of movement between classes once you are in one of the classes below. This means you would NOT participate in the rotation of other connections (PE, Music Tech, Business, Health).

Hi, 7th Grade families! We have two application deadlines approaching (May 8th). If your student is interested in applying for our 8th Grade High School VA Comp connections class or our 8th Grade Yearbook connection class, please see the reminders below:

  • VA Comp applications will still be due by May 8th but will now be taken digitally. Please do your best to take clear photos of the artwork and include these photos with the application. Applications should be emailed to Mrs. Bronzino (Carole.Bronzino@cobbk12.org) by May 8th, but you can certainly submit your application before then; this will actually be helpful to Mrs. Bronzino. If you are unable to digitally submit your application, please email Mrs. Bronzino to let her know.

  • Yearbook applications are also due by May 8th. Please send those applications to Mrs. McLaughlin (Maureen.McLaughlin@cobbk12.org). If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Mrs. McLaughlin.