Building Access/End of Year

School Visit: I hope you have seen the information regarding the opportunity to access and retrieve your personal items from the building. Please note, you have a very limited time frame and no parents are permitted in the building. That being said, make your game plan and know what you need to access. Any instruments that were found in lockers have been delivered with the exception of ONE (no name, incorrect locker assignment...). If you may still have your violin/viola at school, email Ms. Hardy and I will attempt to locate and get it to you. All instruments have been delivered to student homes within the past week. It was lovely seeing many of you!!

8th Grade T-shirts and all class music notebooks: Shirts will be labeled and ready for pickup as 8th graders walk through the atrium to lockers. We will also have 8th grade notebooks only in the atrium. We would like to leave all 6th and 7th grade notebooks in the room. If you are a 6/7 grader and really want your notebook now instead of when we return to school, email Ms. Hardy and it will be put in the atrium for you.

Looking ahead: We have no idea yet of what the return to school may look like.That being said, PLEASE, please continue to play your instrument. We can post a list of resources/music books, we also have the private teacher link-this has been awesome during this time. Kids are receiving 30-minute virtual private instruction for $25, can't beat that!! Some of our students are even studying with members from the Atlanta Symphony. You will never get that opportunity again for that price. This interested in auditioning for our Dickerson Chamber Orchestra or auditioning up at Walton next year are highly encouraged to be in private lessons. Lesson Information Link Here