Orchestra Item Pick-up

Hey guys! We are excited to see you the next three days as you come to the building to get your personal items. Mr. B. or Ms. Hardy will be in the orchestra room (change from the atrium) if you need to get your orchestra notebook, lost and found items in our room, AND most importantly 8th graders-your trip t-shirts. Remember, every 8th grader is receiving the maroon word search shirt if you did not get it back in March.

Sadly, it has to be quick and you are asked to exit the building through the E-wing doors (by the chorus room). So, if you need to come by, make it your last stop after lockers, PE, lost and found. Remember, no parents are to enter the building with you so plan ahead with a large bag or something to carry your items with you.

Rising 7th/8th: If you choose to not come to the orchestra room, all notebooks that are left will be collected from lockers and saved for the fall. This way, you can grab it from the bunch and have it ready to go.

We hope everyone is doing well and again, are so, so sad the year had to end this way. Rising 9th, please keep in touch!! We can't wait to hear the wonderful things you accomplish in high school! Wishing you the very best!!