8th Grade Universal Trip Kids: MUST READ

Good News! It appears our refunds are getting super close to being processed. Please understand that we are doing whatever we can to get the most of your money back to you. Our bus company, contracted and approved with Cobb Schools, is not refunding any money. This has been a common occurrence throughout the district, the school district is fighting this. We are still waiting on any result from these actions.

That being said, we are looking at refunding 75-80% of money to you. The funds not refunded are two trip shirts, which everyone should have picked up last week (we still have them if you would like yours), and the cost of the bus. We are very grateful that both the hotel and Universal Studios refunded 100% of our money that was already paid in full. Please understand this is a very challenging, unknown time for everyone and we are dealing with everything to the best of our ability.

How do I get my money? A check will be sent to each household once the following information has been submitted. PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM as soon as possible so your check can be sent to you. Without this information, I cannot get your refund processed. If you did not get your shirt (s), we will have them at the 8th grade drive through on Wednesday.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. It has been a long, long, 4th quarter dealing with all of this on top of teaching orchestra digitally, reuniting students with instruments left at school, and teaching my own two, very energetic elementary school boys during this unprecedented time. I appreciate you! I am so sad that our kiddos missed out on this experience, I am just as disappointed as the kids. Stay healthy, stay happy, and think fondly of your time in Dickerson Orchestra.