One Week to go!

Hey Orchies! Mr. B and I are super excited after week two of teacher trainings (LOTS of CTLS fun). We have confidence that things are going to be great once we get going!

Updates: Once materials pick-up information for Dickerson has been sent out, we are planning on having a tuning/taping station. You bring your instrument, we jazz it up while wearing masks and sanitizing, and hand it back to you. Remember, if you think you may have outgrown your instrument, NOW is the time to go swap up sizes at the music store. They are ready and expecting you.

*ALL 7/8 Orchestra students MUST have an instrument at home the first week. We are not offering alternate assignments (please refer to previous post). We are not able to delay instruction time as we have attempted to communicate to everyone and we only technically have class twice a week. Time is precious and we want to get playing again. Don't forget to have any accessories you need as well: rosin, shoulder rest, etc. Students are expected to have these items to perform in class the first week. Local music stores can assist your or visit:

Cello/Bass players: You should have already completed the link (EVERY one of you needs to please!). If you think you have, don't redo it, it worked. But, if you haven't, please do so HERE.

Check in with your section friends to make sure they have done it too!

Materials: We are focusing on instrument-specific instruction. Regular orchestra music isn't so fun to play when we don't have an orchestra around us. We have some online materials available, but will also be using Essential Elements Books. If you have yours at home, get it ready. If not, we have some available at materials pickup, including those left in music lockers.

I hope you are getting ready to have some fun making music again. We have missed you so, so very much. Hang in there kiddos, we will power through this and be back in the classroom making music together soon. Now go dig out that instrument and get ready for class!

A former bass player of Dickerson and Walton orchestras, now in college is selling his beautiful bass. Please check out this information if interested: