Instrument Servicing Info: All classes!

For any and ALL orchestra kids: tuning, finger taping, orchestra book pick-up. We are available! Please carefully read the info below. If you are signing out a school cello or bass, you MUST have completed THIS FORM.

Thursday 3-5pm Dickerson front sidewalk (8/13)

  1. Parents pull up, open trunk with instrument in back that needs tuning/taping in front of orchestra stairs/E-wing doors past front entrance of the school (car pool lane).

  2. Teacher removes instrument from trunk of car (gloved and masked), takes care of necessary issues outside on sidewalk, replaces in the trunk of car.

  3. If students need to borrow a school music book or obtain their book (if name on it and retrieved from your locker).

  4. If a student is signing out an instrument, they pull up, open trunk, instrument is place in vehicle, paperwork is handed over or emailed in advance *Must complete CCSD sign-out form

  5. We are not providing rosin, rock stops, or shoulder rests-these are items you are expected to have for your instrument, easily found at a music store or online:

  6. We cannot repair major issues such as broken strings-you need to visit a string shop.

All students must have a functioning instrument starting Monday, August 17th. We have limited class time, we will be teaching/playing for every single class. Please be prepared on your first day of orchestra, spread the word, tell your orchestra buddies.

*No one exits a vehicle or enters a building. If a family cannot make this time, they email a director individually to obtain instrument in a similar fashion at a convenient time for them before Monday. Both directors are at the instrument pick-up, working as quickly and efficiently as possible.