Orchestra Drive-Thru This Thursday

Thursday 3-5pm- Grades 7 & 8 in Car Pool Lane, stay in your car and let us know what you need.

7th: You will begin the year reviewing Essential Elements Book 1 in additional to materials we will post on CTLS. If you do not have this book or left it at school, please come by at the above time to retrieve a book, get an instrument finger taped or tuned, or sign out a cello/bass (see previous posts about this!!!)

8th: You will need Essential Elements Book 2 (purple on the cover). We have books at school for you to borrow, come by and get one during above day/time. You are welcome to order your own or get one from the music store as well. We will also use material we post on CTLS.

We need all orchestra students ready to play for their first days in orchestra. We only have 16 classes together this quarter and have lots of music making to do. We are so excited to get playing again!! Please be ready to go, we are doing what we can to assist in any way. Please note, if you cannot make tomorrow, please contact a director asap if you need something, don't wait until next week! Tell your orchestra buddies to check the website too for all of this info.