Last call for orchestra items

It was awesome seeing our families at Instrument Tuning/Pickup yesterday! Special thanks to the Almond and Jasrotia families for providing the fan and tent-it was a hot one!! We greatly appreciate the relief!

Last Call: All students will need a functioning instrument and book (see previous post) based on level. We only have 16 class meetings this quarter and need to play as much as possible. All orchestra students are required to play an instrument the first week, please be prepared. If you need anything, please email Ms. Hardy immediately. Please note, your directors are mostly teaching remotely, we cannot necessarily provide something from school if you need it right away.

Finally: We will be communicating through CTLS once everyone is on and comfortable with the platform. Families are also expected to sign up for email updates on our orchestra website:

*All important information will be posted on the main page, no need to search. Many of our families have missed information, no need to cause extra stress during this crazy time.