Welcome Back 2020!

We were THRILLED to welcome students back to the classroom this past week! Despite the new challenges (masks, spacing, extra sanitizing), it was quite a success. We are so happy to be making music together again. Here are some points that we would like to share as we proceed during this challenging time:

All 7/8 Grade Classes: We are continuing our established routine during the week: Monday: Vocab Monday

Tuesday: YouTubesday

Thursday: Theory

Friday: Playing and written checks

All students are expected to keep notes, either digitally at home, or written down (folders and notebook paper have been provided in class). Students are responsible for keeping notes and reviewing extra if needed. The class checklist is always an available resource located on our CTLS class board for all learners. This includes the vocabulary list, youtubesday reflections, seating assignments, and locker assignments. If a student misses a class, it is their responsibility to use this checklist and we will be happy to help as needed.

Assessments: ALL learners have two assessments each Friday: a short playing check (typically assigned a week prior), and a written or forms check (same setup students have had in the past). The written check must be completed during the class period that day. Unless a student is absent, there are no late forms accepted as it is an in-class assignment. Our remote learners need to make note of this going forward. Any forms checks turned in after the class time will be marked zero (you are in class and expected to complete assignment at that time). Playing checks and any additional assignments will have a one week makeup window to turn in work.

We are doing our best to meet the needs of all of our learners and could not be more pleased with the first week. There are so many extra demands right now with cleaning the instruments and rooms, grading is doubled with remote learners submissions, and the ever daunting challenge of teaching beginning 6th graders while they are at home. We greatly appreciate your patience and support during this time.

Concerts? We are not sure how performances are going to look right now, but we are brainstorming some options for you to enjoy a performance of your young musician. As soon as we have an administrative-approved idea, we will do our best to bring music to you again soon!