Week Three Post

by Mrs. Laux on August 21, 2016

All-State Orchestra: I will register you during class this week. This is for advanced students with at least 2-3 year experience and private instruction. If you think this might be for you, ask us for a copy of the etude to check out. $20 audition fee will be due later this week.

6th Grade: Thank you for almost  every student having an instrument last week! We are off to a fantastic start. Parents: students have the option of taking their violin/viola home any day or leaving it locked in their locker. This week we will have some familiar tunes to perform for you already!
6th Grade t-shirts: Our 6th grade concert uniform is our newly designed orchestra t-shirt. A letter will be sent home this week with the information. Every member needs a shirt for concert performances. Hoodies will also be for sale-optional to purchase and NOT permitted on the concert stage. We have sample sizes the students will be selecting from this Thursday.

7th Grade:  Uniform letters were sent home this past week. The ladies have all been sized and our order will be placed this week. Please contact me ASAP if you need a used dress. We have a limited supply and first try to offer them to 8th graders who moved in and families with multiple students in orchestra.

8th Grade: Trip information is coming soon!

All 7th/8th Graders: Expect playing checks every Friday. This means you may need to plan ahead for preparing for these. Each playing check includes a written check of material we have covered during the week as well. Raising the orchestra bar each year! We are already way ahead of previous orchestra classes-keep up the fantastic work musicians. Lead by Example!!


Week Two Update

by Mrs. Laux on August 13, 2016

Welcome new 6th grade orchestra members! We had a wonderful first couple of days. Everyone was assigned a locker and a cello/bass. Next week: you will need your instruments violins and violas!! PLEASE do your best to have them as soon as possible. We are most definitely starting by Wednesday. It’s no fun to sit there without an instrument! Again, quality counts. If it isn’t up to a playable standard (most music stores are great!), it will be sent home. We highly discourage purchasing an instrument. Please email or call if we can be of assistance.

All classes: HANDBOOK. PLEASE complete this! It is a tab on the main orchestra page, read and complete all info. That’s it! No printing, no more signing, nothing!! We are keeping things electronic as supplying paper copies to all 518 orchestra students would be very wasteful. It only takes a couple of minutes, please get this done! About half of our orchestra students have completed this. It will be a grade soon!

Chamber:  First rehearsal is this Monday, August 15th. We would like to start at 8:15am, please arrive no later than this time (except zero period kids).

Uniforms, 7th grade: We were able to fit all of our 7th grade girls, thanks to the help of some awesome moms! Information will be sent home soon. Boys will be sized the first week of September.



Dickerson Chamber Orchestra 2016-17

August 8, 2016

Dickerson Chamber Orchestra Members 2016-2017 Congrats and thank you to all who auditioned! We will have our first meeting this Friday, August 12th at 8:30am. We will not be playing, just discussion and music pick-up. Violin: Kevin C. Diane C. Maria C. Jordyn F. Elias F. Celeste H. Sallie K. Sungwon K. Seulkie Joy K. […]

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Week One Update

August 2, 2016

What’s due this week:  -Pink “blanket” field trip form -Yellow Photo release form -Online handbook contract submitted (includes adding dates to your calendar and 8th grade uniform info) All classes:  Instruments tomorrow (Wednesday)! Please make sure home violins/violas have a clearly labeled name tag. We need your help!  If you are a parent who can […]

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Welcome Back Information

July 30, 2016

It was wonderful seeing many of you at Meet and Greet yesterday! Here are some reminders for next week. First Week: No instruments until Wednesday, August 3rd. We will be reviewing the handbook, assigning lockers and cellos/basses. You will need your instrument on Wednesday, along with an orchestra notebook with paper and pencil. Remember, this remains in your […]

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Chamber Auditions: Excerpts are up!

July 15, 2016

Auditions for chamber orchestra will be different this year. Students will submit the two assigned musical excerpts according to the directions. The tempo and titles have been marked on each excerpt (find a recording and listen!!). Please follow the instructions carefully: your camera angle/setup is crucial. We have string professionals who will watch and follow a performance rubric, ranking […]

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Happy Summer!!

June 1, 2016

Congrats to ALL orchestra members on a fantastic school year!!  Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our program. Departing 8th Graders: We wish you the best of luck as you venture off to high school. Please don’t be strangers! Keep in touch. Uniforms: Ladies, if you want to SELL BACK your dress, send me an email […]

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Spectacular 7th and 8th! Summer Plans, Last week of school

May 15, 2016

WOW! When we say spectacular, we mean it. What an outstanding final performance to our 7th, 8th, and chamber orchestras. You looked and sounded superb. Thank you! Photos and videos will be posted soon! All Classes: This week we have one final notebook check and rehearsal skills grade. Music locker clean-out will begin Wednesday, based on […]

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7/8 Concert, Chamber, 6th Graders

May 8, 2016

6th Graders: What a performance! Once again, you stepped it up and brought your best. You should be very proud of your musical growth this year! Instruments Tuesday/Thursday only this week. We are watching and assessing our concert in class on Monday, field day for you Wednesday, and no connections Friday due to 8th grade field day. 7/8/Chamber: Concert […]

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6th Grade Spring Concert Week, Chamber, Viola Choir

May 1, 2016

6th Graders: Concert info is posted in the Events tab. If you are using a home cello or bass, PLEASE do your best to have it at school prior to Thursday for tuning. Be sure everything is labeled with your name. Before school drop-off is best, anytime after 8am. Let’s have a fantastic final performance! No […]

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