Chamber Audition Info 2021:

Chamber auditions will include performance of an excerpt and sight-reading. Students are given approximately two weeks to prepare the excerpt. Please take into consideration your ability to prepare the required music. If this music appears too challenging, or is something you cannot prepare to performance level within the two-week time frame, you may not be ready for chamber orchestra. 
In addition, chamber orchestra students are expected to maintain excellent communication with an expectation level of receiving information once and adhering to that information without a problem.
This ensemble is not only made up of outstanding musicians, but students who are mature and able to abide by a higher expectation that the average middle school student, with little parent guidance in regards to preparation and communication of information. All students accepted into chamber will be expected to attend both LGPE and any trips planned with the ensemble. Because it is such a small, elite group, full participation is expected from each and every member. Students will complete a membership contract, signed along with parental support. Please note, since chamber is an extracurricular ensemble, students may be removed at the discretion of the director at any time. 

Chamber Listening

Irish Tune from the County Derry