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The Orchestras

Dickerson Middle School Orchestra

The Dickerson orchestra program has an average enrollment of 450 students and is separated into six different class. Each grade (sixth, seventh, and eighth) has two orchestras that prepare individual concerts. These are referred to as 6-1, 6-2, 7-1, 7-2, 8-1, and 8-2. The second number refers to the class's meeting time: whether they are the first or second connection period.


Sixth Grade

First year students or students who enter Dickerson with experience are members of this orchestra. Experienced students have the opportunity to work on higher level music and possibly perform with upper level orchestras. Sixth grade typically performs three concerts per academic year.

Seventh Grade

Students in their second year of orchestra instruction. This class is split into "7-1" and "7-2" orchestra, with an average of 70 students in each of the two orchestras. Typical seventh grade activities include a field trip to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, their first participation at Cobb County's Large Group Performance Evaluation, and their first performances in full concert uniform (see pictures above!)

Eighth Grade

Students in their third year of orchestra instruction. Like seventh and sixth grade, there are two different eighth grade orchestras with an average of 70 students per orchestra. Eighth grade students typically go on an over-night field trip to a theme park, working work guest clinicians, participation at Cobb County's Large Group Performance Evaluation, and opportunities to participate in a full symphony orchestra in collaboration with our band program.

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