The Orchestras

The Dickerson Orchestra program is comprised of approximately students in six levels of ensemble performance.

6th Grade Orchestra

First year students or students who enter Dickerson with experience are members of this orchestra. Experienced students have the opportunity to work on higher level music and possibly perform with upper level orchestras. The 6th grade orchestra typically consists of 200 students, split into two classes of 100 each. The 6-2 orchestra does have an advanced group of musicians with prior playing experience.

7th Grade Orchestra

Students with at least two years of playing experience that meet every day. This class is split into 7-1 and 7-2 orchestra, with an average of 185 students participating.

8th Grade Orchestra

Students with significant amount of playing experience that meet every day. Students are expected to perform at a level that demonstrates two years of training.

Chamber Orchestra

The top performing orchestra at Dickerson and includes musicians in grades 6-8 placed into the ensemble through audition. Students study privately and typically enter Dickerson with previous playing experience. This elite group of approximately 30 musicians meets before school to rehearse two days a week. This ensemble is expected to perform in any required performances outside of school such as the WellStar Tree Lighting, elementary school events, community performances, and Dickerson cluster events.