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August 7, 2020

Hey Orchies! Mr. B and I are super excited after week two of teacher trainings (LOTS of CTLS fun). We have confidence that things are going to be great once we get going!

Updates: Once materials pick-up information for Dickerson has been sent out, we are planning on having a tuning/taping station. You bring your instrument, we jazz it up while wearing masks and sanitizing, and hand it back to you. Remember, if you think you may have outgrown your instrument, NOW is the time to go swap up sizes at the music store. They are ready and expecting you.

*ALL 7/8 Orchestra students MUST have an instrument at home the first week.  We are not offering alternate assignments (please refer to previous post). We are not able to delay instruction time as we have attempted to communicate to everyone and we only technically have class twice a week. Time is precious and we want to get playing again. Don't forget to have any accessories you need as well: rosin, shoulder rest, etc. Students are expecte...

July 31, 2020

Hello! I wanted to reach out and hopefully address some concerns now that we have more firm direction as to what the start of our school year will look like.

After this first of three weeks of teacher training I am feeling so much better about the virtual start. Everyone asks, "How does that look in orchestra? Isn't that impossible?." No way! Mr. B. and I are actually looking forward to this and feel our students are going to grow so much, experiencing the best we can offer. As a parent of a 4th and 6th grader in Cobb, I feel confident our district and teachers will provide the best education possible given the current circumstances. 

Onto orchestra stuff! This information applies to all 7th and 8th graders, but I will include some info for 6th in case we have curious siblings. 

1. All students are expected to perform on an instrument. There will be no "alternate assignments." We are a performance based class, this is the number one National and State St...

July 7, 2020

Universal refund checks are in the mail today! If you do not receive your check by the end of this week, please email Ms. Hardy late next week. If you completed the refund request form, the check was mailed to that address. A handful of people did not complete the form so checks were sent to the address on file with the school. Due to the bus company not refunding our money (the district is dealing with this), plus the cost of the two t-shirts per person (you can pick them up at Walton when school begins), the total refund amount per person is $550.34. Once again, thank you for your patience with this frustrating process.

Lessons? With the unknown of the start of the school year, some families have reached out regarding instruction. Currently, only private lessons are available (approximately $30 per half hour) from various orchestra teachers in the area (lessons are via Zoom or in person if requested). If you are interested in lessons or a younger sibling wants to get a head...

June 4, 2020

Thank you to Rising 9th grade families for completing the required information for refunds. Unfortunately, after going back and forth with the Universal Company, our check was delayed even longer than originally anticipated. This being said, we cannot process any funds until the bookkeeper returns in July. Our apologies with this, again, this was well out of our control. We checked the mail every single day (which includes going to the actual post office as the building is closed), to get this taken care of. It has been very frustrating on our part as well. 

Wishing everyone a peaceful summer. 

May 19, 2020

Good News! It appears our refunds are getting super close to being processed. Please understand that we are doing whatever we can to get the most of your money back to you. Our bus company, contracted and approved with Cobb Schools, is not refunding any money. This has been a common occurrence throughout the district, the school district is fighting this. We are still waiting on any result from these actions. 

That being said, we are looking at refunding 75-80% of money to you. The funds not refunded are two trip shirts, which everyone should have picked up last week (we still have them if you would like yours), and the cost of the bus. We are very grateful that both the hotel and Universal Studios refunded 100% of our money that was already paid in full. Please understand this is a very challenging, unknown time for everyone and we are dealing with everything to the best of our ability. 

How do I get my money? A check will be sent to each household once the following info...

May 12, 2020

Hey guys! We are excited to see you the next three days as you come to the building to get your personal items. Mr. B. or Ms. Hardy will be in the orchestra room (change from the atrium) if you need to get your orchestra notebook, lost and found items in our room, AND most importantly 8th graders-your trip t-shirts. Remember, every 8th grader is receiving the maroon word search shirt if you did not get it back in March. 

Sadly, it has to be quick and you are asked to exit the building through the E-wing doors (by the chorus room). So, if you need to come by, make it your last stop after lockers, PE, lost and found. Remember, no parents are to enter the building with you so plan ahead with a large bag or something to carry your items with you. 

Rising 7th/8th:  If you choose to not come to the orchestra room, all notebooks that are left will be collected from lockers and saved for the fall. This way, you can grab it from the bunch and have it ready to go. 

We hope everyone is doi...

May 7, 2020

Some families have emailed asking about accessing the building. Mr. Hill sent out information in last week's Junior Raider Report, along with the schedule for accessing the building next week. Here is the information in case you missed it. PLEASE watch the JRR for details and read info document carefully. This is the only time you will be able to get into the building. 

Junior Raider Report

Building Access Info

May 7, 2020

School Visit: I hope you have seen the information regarding the opportunity to access and retrieve your personal items from the building. Please note, you have a very limited time frame and no parents are permitted in the building. That being said, make your game plan and know what you need to access. Any instruments that were found in lockers have been delivered with the exception of ONE (no name, incorrect locker assignment...). If you may still have your violin/viola at school, email Ms. Hardy and I will attempt to locate and get it to you. All instruments have been delivered to student homes within the past week. It was lovely seeing many of you!!

8th Grade T-shirts and all class music notebooks: Shirts will be labeled and ready for pickup as 8th graders walk through the atrium to lockers. We will also have 8th grade notebooks only in the atrium. We would like to leave all 6th and 7th grade notebooks in the room. If you are a 6/7 grader and really want your notebook now instead of...

April 28, 2020

Attention Rising 8th graders,

 If you are interested in applying for Yearbook or VA Comp (high school level art), please acknowledge the deadlines below. Be aware, either of these classes will take one connection spot, with orchestra as your other connection. There is no flexibility of movement between classes once you are in one of the classes below. This means you would NOT participate in the rotation of other connections (PE, Music Tech, Business, Health). 

Hi, 7th Grade families!  We have two application deadlines approaching (May 8th).  If your student is interested in applying for our 8th Grade High School VA Comp connections class or our 8th Grade Yearbook connection class, please see the reminders below:

  • VA Comp applications will still be due by May 8th but will now be taken digitally.  Please do your best to take clear photos of the artwork and include these photos with the application.  Applications should be emailed to Mrs. Bronzino (Carole.Bro...

April 27, 2020

Grading Quarter Four: Unless otherwise instructed by the district, here is how grading will stand for orchestra this final quarter:

1. Students will not receive a lower grade than what they had at the end of quarter 3 (March 13). This currently shows in grade book. 

2. Students are highly  encouraged to continue with orchestra activities. These grades will be entered, but will only count if higher than your quarter 3 grade. Please do not freak out if you didn't do as well as you'd like on assignments this quarter. We simply want you to continue learning in some format for orchestra. There are students who still have done absolutely nothing for us this quarter, and that's okay. However, there are students that are continuing their musical instruction now will be more prepared when we return to school next year. If you have the ability, please strongly consider accessing the digital learning tab on the website and continuing your musical instruction. 

3. If your quarter four grade...

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