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March 19, 2020

Happy Spring! 

We hope everyone is healthy and enjoying time at home, getting outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. Her are some updates as we are closing out week one of digital learning:

1. Students should have the "routine" down. Each day, a short assignment is posted on the digital learning page. Students decide how to best log their work: either a notebook, word doc, etc. not turning it in.  On FRIDAY: the cumulative assessment for the entire week will be collected, posted as the Friday assignment. This is where you may want to reference your work from the week. If you have questions, please email a director. This is the one and only item you need to turn in at this point for each week.

2. Going forward: if you do not have an instrument at home, you may want to strongly consider reaching out to a music store to rent one (call them before you try to visit). We are going to begin posting more performance/playing checks that students will need to submit videos to a director. Assignme...

March 17, 2020

Hey everyone, PLEASE do not email your assignments to us. With almost 500 students in orchestra 6-8, it would flood our inboxes and make assessing nearly impossible. On Friday, you will submit a form that includes a little assessment from each day of the week. You keep track at home of your progress each day. We appreciate the enthusiasm, but please no more emails with assignments. Thanks and stay healthy!

March 17, 2020

All Classes:  Please be sure you are logging in EVERY day to complete the daily assignment. Each FRIDAY, students will complete and submit ONE form with components from the daily assignments of the week. Please do no submit or email an assignment each day.

We hope you are hanging in there! Please be sure to check out the two links added to the Digital Learning page. The Music Games page can keep you entertained and motivated for hours, great practice of note reading and counting (no alto clef, sorry violas).

March 15, 2020

All classes:  While we are out of school, students are expected to have class time each day. Please refer to the Digital Learning tab for a new assignment each day. We highly encourage you stick to a "class schedule" each day to stay on top of assignments and not allow material to pile up. Orchestra assignments do not require students to have an instrument, although it is encouraged that students still practice as much as possible. On occasion, a performance option will be offered as an alternate assignment. Please reach out to a director via the Contact page with any questions or concerns. Emails will be checked throughout the day. 

Walton Auditions:  Please check the Walton Orchestra website for updates on submitting auditions. 

8th Trip Update: The district has currently called off all trips. We are looking into the potential of rescheduling it to a later time this school year if possible. Please stay tuned for updates. 

March 9, 2020

8th Grade Trip Families: We are still planning on attending the 8th grade trip until we are told otherwise by the district. The following information is from the Cobb County School District pertaining to travel:

Student Travel:  Currently, travel scheduled within the US or for areas not identified as high risk will proceed as planned. We have communicated with all travel companies utilized by the district to ensure they follow the same CDC and/or DPH recommendations.

At this time, there are no trip refunds as stated in the trip handbook if you should elect to remove your child from the trip. 

March 4, 2020

6th Graders! What a fantastic performance last night. We are beyond proud of your musicianship and poise. Well done!! One more concert to go...

8th Grade Trip:  Many students still have not turned in overnight permission forms. Please get these in by this Friday. Trip packing list has been updated and is posted under "Events" tab. We have your two trip shirts that you will receive the week of the trip to pack. 

Luggage Drop: Thursday, March 25th from 4:15-6pm.  A parent or older sibling may drop your luggage and prescription meds with forms. Pillows, blankets, backpacks, etc can be brought the next day if desired. 

*You will be attending the first two classes of the day on Thursday, please plan for this. 

Chamber: Rehearsal Monday, March 9th

Final Concert Dates: 

Chamber: April 22nd at Walton

6th: May 12th

7/8: May 14th 

The end is coming quickly! Give it your best!

February 25, 2020

Please be sure you have completed the following:

1. Have paid $670 in full. Many, many students are missing one-two payments. Please email Ms. Hardy if you are unsure what you've paid. 

2. Have completed and turned in the OVERNIGHT Permission Field Trip Form (distributed right before February break). This needs updated health insurance info and cell numbers of parents please. 

3. Have obtained three potential medicine forms (your child needs to get these in orchestra room, also on our website under Forms):

1. Epi-pen/Inhalers: *needs Dr. signature, *Pink form in orch room

2. Prescription med form: *Needs Dr. signature for each prescription on each form, Orange form 

3. Over the counter meds: Green forms, NO Dr. Signature needed. New form for each medicine.

These can be turned in when complete. Prescription forms need to be turned in at luggage drop with actual prescription in original container, enough meds for the trip only. 

February 14, 2020

6th Grade Concert Info: 

March 3rd at Dickerson

6-1: Report 6-6:15pm, START time is 6:30pm

-Dickerson Orchestra t-shirt and jeans. No shorts or athletic pants please.

6-2: Report 7-7:15pm, START time is 7:30pm

-Dickerson Orchestra t-shirt and jeans. No shorts or athletic pants please.

8th Graders: All trip payments should now be in. Please be sure you have turned in $670, including chaperones.

-Trip forms: EVERYONE needs to return the overnight permission form. Green, orange, and pink forms are for medications. Please review the trip presentation under "Forms" tab for clarification. **If you have a prescription, you need a medical signature for each you are taking on the trip. 

8-1 Symphony Orchestra:  Please be sure to sign and return the 40th Anniversary performance sheet. We need to plan on as many students as possible to perform at this event. Thank you! Get form here

Walton Auditions:  Sign-up closes TODAY. Please sign-up if you want to audition. Remember, you can simply be in freshmen orc...

February 10, 2020

8-1: Report to Dickerson at 8am in FULL CONCERT ATTIRE. Please remember to bring a change of clothes (and shoes) for your afternoon classes. Backpacks should be placed in a theatre seat, taking only instruments to Walton with you. 

Stage Performance Time: 10am. Parents who want to watch, please park in the far front lot of Walton, the entrance closest to the baseball fields and enter the THEATRE entrance, NOT the main entrance of the building.


8-2: Students must bring in uniforms preferably Tuesday, in a labeled bag (garment bag, dry cleaning bag, or garbage bag). PLEASE be sure your name is on it. Don't forget concert shoes and dress socks (boys). Students will report to connections, change into concert attire, load buses at 1:15pm. Stage performance time: 3pm. 

If you have offered to assist in transporting instruments or chaperoning, please be at Dickerson at the times/locations below:

8-1: 8am to orchestra room. It you are driving, we only need transport of instruments on ret...

January 31, 2020

6th Grade: Rising 6th Grade day is Tuesday, February 4th. We are asking all 6th grade orchestra students to wear an orchestra t-shirt or hoodie this day to show are awesome love of orchestra as the 5th graders come through. If you are a "Skittle," be sure you report to orchestra for FIRST connection that day. 

7th Grade:  FANTASTIC performances at your LGPE this past Tuesday evening. We are super proud, you and your family should be as well. 
7th Grade ASO Visit: A few Atlanta Symphony musicians will be visiting each class on Thursday, February 6th. We will compile questions in advance so start thinking of what you would like to learn from them. No instruments this day. B-flat major scale check by memory on Friday, February 7th.

8th Grade:  PLEASE make sure you have turned in your LGPE Field Trip forms. Thank you to those who have already turned them in. If you are a parent who can chaperone, please plan on it. You will be getting info soon. 

LGPE: Wednesday, February 12th...

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